Technical Information

Our Technical Capabilities are

  • Rotary air percussion drilling in the most common diameters of 6 ½”, 8 ½”, 10”
  • 24 bar, 850cfm compressor on each platform
  • Drill Rig & Compressor trucks have full 6x6 off-road capability
  • All support trucks have full 4x4 off-road capability


Particular spheres of expertise consist of

  • DTH drilling technique
  • Direct circulation mud rotary
  • Reverse circulation air percussion
  • Borehole siting techniques (Electromagnetics and Magnetics, Electrical methods)
  • All aspects of test – pumping of boreholes (Calibration, Step test, Constant Discharge) including the interpretation thereof
  • Borehole submersible camera inspections
  • Technical reporting