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  • Mandela Day

    There were celebrations on Mandela Day when JAM Water Services provided a water point for the residence of Cosmos City in Gauteng. A borehole was drilled, tank and water tap system installed. There was great excitement as pupils from a nearby ECD school came with their teachers to attend the opening.

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  • Mpumalanga Drilling Project

    JAM Water Services has just completed a drilling project on a number of farms in the Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. The following tasks were undertaken and have been completed.

      • Survey of each farm to establish suitable drilling sites
      • Borehole drilling, development and construction
      • Water yield tests
      • Water quality tests

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  • Angola Borehole Drilling Project - Phase I

    The JAM Water Services team has just completed Phase I of the Angola Borehole Drilling Project. Drilling commenced in February 2019 and completed in mid April 2019 with a total of 51 new boreholes been drilled. Our team is back for some rest and recuperation and will then join the team in South Africa for 2 months before returning to Angola to commence Phase II of the project. Our target is to drill 100 boreholes this year in Angola providing clean water to rural schools, clinics and communities. Our equipment will also go through some major services and modifications. Thanks to JAM International for making this project possible and a great thanks to a dedicated team of drillers and support crew.


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  • Day Zero 2019 'highly likely' for Cape Town, say climate scientists

    It is highly unlikely that Cape Town's catchment area will get the above average rainfall it desperately needs this year to break one of the city's worst droughts on record, a climate scientist has said.

    And if there is not above average rainfall this year, Cape Town is unlikely to avoid a Day Zero in 2019.

    Experts have said that the catchment area needs at least four consecutive months of above average rainfall in 2018 to fill the dams sufficiently, to see Cape Town and surrounds through next summer and to avoid a Day Zero in 2019.

    The City of Cape Town's largest storage dam, the Theewaterskloof Dam. (Supplied)

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  • Western Cape dam levels drop even more

    Cape Town - The latest average level, for dams across the Western Cape, is 20.83% - compared to 30.09% for the same time last year - MEC for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Anton Bredell said on Monday.

    "At this stage, the water situation in our 30 municipalities is relatively stable, thanks to continued interventions as well as a concerted effort to save water by citizens and business.

    "However, the agriculture sector remains a major concern for us in the provincial government. We will continue to step up and provide support to this important sector, which is bearing the brunt of the drought."

    Voëlvlei Dam in May 2017. (Ashraf Hendricks, GroundUp)

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  • Two Eastern Cape towns to see 'Day Zero' sooner than Cape Town

    Cape Town - While Cape Town is expecting Day Zero on 16 April,

    two farm towns in the Eastern Cape might see Day Zero even sooner.

    Despite heavy rain and flash floods that recently took place, the

    Kouga dam is at a critically low level - individually‚ at 9.95%.

    According to Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), the severe drought in

    Hankey and Patensie in the Gamtoos Valley prompted the

    Kouga Municipality to introduce strict water rationing.

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  • Your Complete Water Solution

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  • Beautiful Karoo Sunset

    The Drill Dudes drilling for JAM Water Services are privileged to experience the most beautiful sunsets, like this one in the Karoo.

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  • Water Strike Johannesburg South

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  • Water Strike Constantia Kloof

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  • Water Strike Dainfern

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