List of equipment that we currently use


1 x Super Rock 1000 Drill Rigs mounted on Magirus 232 6x6 trucks

2 x Thor 5000 Drill Rigs mounted on Powerstar 6x6 trucks

1 x Thor 750 Drill Rig mounted on Iveco 4x4 truck

3 x Compressor mounted on Magirus 232 & Powerstar 6x6 trucks

3 x Samil 50 4x4 trucks equipped with cranes and equipment for pump installation

1 x Samil 50 4x4 trucks used for transport of rods and casings

1 x Mercedes Benz crane truck

2 x Samil 20 4x4 truck

1 x Samil 20 4x4 Diesel tanker

4 x Toyota 4x4 pick up vans

Plus a large range of other assorted drilling equipment