The Drilling Process

 The process involved with drilling a borehole.

Below is the process involved with drilling a borehole and what you can expect from JAM Water Services.  The drilling of a borehole is not something that you do every day and therefore you may have some concerns regarding what is involved. So we have put together something below that we hope will give you a better understanding of what is takes to drill a borehole and the provision of potable water. Drinking water (or potable water) is water safe enough to be consumed by humans or used with low risk of immediate or long term harm. In most developing countries, the tap water supplied to households, commerce and industry meets the water quality portability standards.

It is very important to fully understand the sequence of events and the possible consequences before you drill a borehole and also what takes place during the drilling process.


  Borehole Siting (Survey)
 Drilling & Construction of the borehole
 Drilling Method
 Borehole Construction
 Cleaning Up after the drilling
  Determining the yield of the borehole
 Equipping of the borehole
 Warning
 Some Points We Consider Important When Drilling Your Borehole