Angola - School & Community Project

The provision of clean water to schools & communities

JAM Water Services with the help of JAM International have been involved in the provision of clean water to schools and communities in the Benguela and Kwanza Sul Provinces of Angola since 2010. Over 1300 boreholes equipped with hand pumps have been drilled and installed at schools, community centre and clinics in these 2 provinces of Angola.

This project includes the drilling of boreholes which range between 40 meters and 100 meters deep and are installed with a slab and hand pump. Most sites do not have electricity so hand pumps are the most suitable installation in these areas. We operate in the most rural areas of these provinces and have equipped our team with the latest drill rigs and compressors mounted on new 6x6 trucks which navigate the terrain extremely well. Our team have been operating in Angola since 2010 and are extremely well trained in the latest drilling techniques, ground formations and know how to handle the extreme harsh conditions in the bush.

If you or your company would like to get involved in this amazing project in Angola, please fill out the form below and we will contact you and give you further information.